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Arrival & check-in

1.We politely request that if you or anyone in your household is displaying any COVID-19 symptoms that you do not travel to the Caravan Park. These include: A high temperature, a new and persistent cough, loss of taste, loss of smell, fatigue. See NHS webpage for COVID-19 symptoms.

2. Hire and Touring / camping customers are requested to contact the park on 01503 220900 approx. 15 mins prior to arrival to ensure a member of our team can be on hand to assist with your checking-in. Once you arrive at the Caravan Park please remain in your vehicle and a member of our team will assist with your checking-in and assist you to your allocated pitch, please be aware check-in is from 1pm onwards. Our check-in process has been streamlined to allow for a fast and reduced-contact experience, note that we will be accepting debit and credit cards for the foressable future, to avoid the handling of cash.

3. We have put in place signage on arrival and throughout the Caravan Park detailing the guidelines we have in place to protect you, other guests and our team. Any guests displaying Covid-19 symptoms must return to their unit to self -isolate along with the rest of your household and telephone reception immediately on 01503 220900 to discuss the situation you may be asked to leave the Caravan Park and to return home.

4. If you have any questions or need assistance during your stay, simply ring 01503 220900.

5. Hand sanitising stations will be provided at all main communal areas; guests will be required to sanitise before entering or using facilities.

6. Reception will be manned but closed to guests to enter until further notice. Outside this area has been reconfigured where necessary and marked out to ensure social distancing of a minimum of 2 meters can be maintained at all times.

7. All surfaces, screens, door handles and equipment will be regularly cleaned and sanitised throughout the day.

8. We advise you bring our own PPE, along with your own Hand sanitiser, Antibacterial wipes/ spray, antibacterial soap (bring what you would normally use at home).

On arrival - we politely ask -all members in your vehicle must remain in the vehicle on arrival and a member of staff will come out to you and assist with checking in. If you are arriving after 5.00pm you must contact reception to make arrangements prior to your arrival.